Are Supplements Enough?
by James Moncrieff

Supplements shakes and powders, pills, oils and potions are they enough on their own? Are they a shortcut to your goals? I want to be bigger, I want to be leaner. I want to be ripped, sexy, strong and fast. I want to attract women, I want to attract men. I want to win. Whichever of those apply, you can bet your life that the individual seeking them would have googled, shopped, discussed or tried a supplement that will help them get there. Some will work hard and seek an aid to make their efforts go further; some seek to make less effort and look for a tool to allow them the slack; others will search for a magic pill that will give them the physique of their dreams without lifting a finger.

Weve all seen adverts that promise the world in record time; but are supplements enough without 100% work, rest and nutrition in place? In short, no. Training and diet on the other hand will always work just fine.

Lets imagine you intend to build a house. You have all the resources you need such as bricks, pipes, cement and wires, timber, glass and your own two hands. It may take you a while, it may take you a lifetime; but all on your own, you will eventually be able to build that house.

What if you employ an entire team of builders and tradesmen to help you? You have enough plumbers, bricklayers, electricians and carpenters to build your house in double-quick time. Sure they will speed things along, but if you took away your materials; if you had your entire team at the ready but not one brick, pipe or grain of sand, your house would never be built no matter how much you paid them.

Over time with proper training, nutrition and recovery, you can single-handedly build an incredible, developed physique. Supplements, they may help you take your efforts further more quickly, assisting you in your quest for that body, trophy or goal. But if you purchased all the supplements in the world you would never reach your true potential without the raw materials in place.

To be the best you possibly can, get the basics right and use supplements as they are intended. Get the basics right, and the goals will reach you.