How to Balance Bodybuilding with your Lifestyle
by Scott Galton

As bodybuilders we tend to focus on our sport at the expense of many other parts of our lives. To a certain extent this has to be how we live our lives. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle and not just 1 hour training 3-4 times a week. We have to live bodybuilding 24/7.

This can be a problem when other factors get in the way of this. Such as, a career, your family and your Partner. So how do we go about getting a balance and pursing our goals without losing our jobs or significant others?

This is how I go about things. Iím saying this is not the only way but this is what has helped me. The first thing I do is write down the things I have to get done in a day and how I can fit them in. Now as an example on contest prep, I had to fit in an hourís cardio. The only way I could do this was to get up at 4.30am. I have an exercise bike in our spare room, which is where I spend the next hour. Time goes by quite quickly as I watch a DVD and peddle away. All of this saves time Ė instead of heading to the Gym or getting ready for a run. This gives me enough time to get ready for work, and not have to rush.

Other time saving things I do are:

On Sunday, I cook 10 chicken breasts, let them cool and then portion them into daily amounts and freeze them. So every day rather than cook, I just unfreeze a bag of chicken. This has been the most time saving preparation for chicken I have tried... and I have tried many different ways! This can be done with steak, burgers, meatballs etc. You can also batch cook chilliís, curry, whatever you like really. Portion it out and freeze it so you have no cooking in the week to do.

Frozen vegetables are also a massive time saver and just as nutritious as fresh vegetables.

I also use Boditronics recover ex and put it in dry shakers for the week. Then all you do is pick one up every time you go to the Gym.

The weekend is when the wheels can really come off the wagon if youíre not prepared. I like to relax at the weekend and go out like anyone else. I enjoy the time with friends, family and my wife. To make this easier and less of a temptation to reach for that double chocolate muffin thatís sitting on the counter at the local coffee bar, itís best to never leave the house without a well-stocked rucksack containing the essentials. For me, that is plenty of water and a shaker full of Boditronics Express whey or Mass Attack evo. They can be used as meals when youíre out with a handful of almonds. Alternatively most places sell chicken ready cooked and salad so thatís always an option.

These are just a few examples of how I try to forward plan to make bodybuilding fit in with a ďnormalĒ lifestyle with as little impact on the wife as possible. It just needs dedication, discipline and a lot of plastic containers.