An interview with model and MMA Star Georgia Graham
Exclusive to Natural Muscle

Can you give us your body and fight stats?
Height: 5'3
Never fought before although I’m a greenbelt in kickboxing.

How did you get into Modelling/BAMMA/MMA and why?
Modelling is something I always wanted to do from when I was about 16 years old. People laughed as I was the ugly duckling through school, plus I’m too short for catwalk and I won’t do topless, but the doubters just made me try harder. I had the chance to go to University or follow a dream; I chose the latter and have never looked back!

I got into BAMMA by being ‘spotted’ at the Urban Music Awards while I was promoting No Fear Energy drink – I was one of three girls interviewed for the BAMMA role and luckily I got it. After doing the first event I was hooked on the sport and I made it my business to learn as much as possible about MMA. Now I train in kickboxing and have just qualified as a fitness instructor – not bad for someone who hated sport at school!

Who encouraged you?
My family have always been behind me 100% and still are. I wouldn't be where I am without the amazing support from my Mam who sometimes spends hours helping me out. I'm also very lucky that the staff at BAMMA will always help me and believe in my potential.

Briefly talk us through your many careers, hobbies and studies so far?
I’ve been doing promotions and modelling since I left 6th form and the only other ‘career’ I have is working on a farming estate that I still occasionally do during busy spells. One day I might be doing a red carpet event or presenting on TV and the next I’m pushing a lawnmower or chopping logs. People may think I totter about in heels all day and worry if I break a nail but that is far from the truth and I’m often up to my eyes in mud or worse!

My main hobby is kickboxing and the gym. I also love motorsport, target shooting, drawing and playing on the Xbox. Not really what many expect. My idea of a good weekend is going somewhere like the Zoo or other outdoor activities to somewhere fun or having a BBQ. Or even just a night in with good company.

Was it hard keeping focussed at such a young impressionable age, especially when all your friends would’ve been doing other stuff?
Not at all. I didn’t want to do the Uni thing and I’m not a party animal. I do enjoy a night out but as I work most weekends I don’t have a great chance to socialise. Most of my friends work in the same business; we meet up at events and usually go for a meal and drinks once the day is over. When I get days free I'll spend some time in London at a friend’s or if they have days off we'll arrange stuff then.

What are the pros and cons of being a model/fighter/ring girl/presenter?
Pros – I get to do what I really enjoy and live my dream. I don’t always have a nine to five job and never know where I may be from one week to the next so it's always kept fresh and exciting. It’s great meeting people from different parts of the country or world, and the thrill of a live MMA event is amazing, especially sitting ringside.

Cons – Occasionally being stressed. Also it can be a lot of pressure on how you look, always got to be on form which can be hard if you're having a bad day.

Any trade secrets, exercise and dietary tips? How often do you work out and how do you keep so trim?
I have a Nordic cross trainer at home and go on it every morning for about 30 to 45 minutes, I also do star jumps, burpees and squats. I now have my Bad Boy punch bag and gear so will go and do combinations on that. I do try to get to the gym at least three times a week and train with weights. I also go to the Berwick Fight Academy for kick-boxing, BJJ circuits whenever possible and help with the classes if I’m able to.

Diet – I eat reasonably clean throughout the week, I have one cheat day when anything goes.

Any recommended supplements, super foods etc?
I use My Protein for protein shakes as they have a lot of choice and you can ‘tailor’ the shake to your requirements. I don’t have a particular brand of supplements and shop ‘wherever,’ I use ground flaxseed in my cereal and take fish oils, CLA, mulitvit with probiotic, D3 and green tea extract.

How do you think people perceive the both the sport of MMA now and in the past?
I get annoyed when people (usually uneducated in the sport) tell me MMA is ‘brawling.’ BAMMA is now being shown on Channel Five in the UK and this can only be a step in the right direction. I urge people to watch an event before they make ‘brawling’ comments, this is a professional sport, not street fighting. The fighters are dedicated sportsmen who train hard and adhere to a wealth of rules and regulations. I think people would be amazed to find that ice hockey and American football athlete’s sustain more injuries overall than an MMA competitor.

What are your main goals?
Be happy and enjoy everything I do. Live my life to the fullest and never have a dull moment!

Who or what inspires you?
I think many years of bullies through school just made me extremely determined to succeed. People who have set out to achieve and never stopped until they do inspire me, whether they're famous or just people I've met, I admire anyone with drive and goals. I always set new and bigger goals and try my best to achieve them, I won't stop until I've got where I aim to be.

So, why Bad Boy then?
It’s an amazing and well-known brand. I was absolutely over the moon at being approached by the company. It's reasonably priced and excellent quality, a name that is instantly recognised within the sporting industry and not only among those dedicated to MMA. The onesies are also a huge bonus! What other products or brands do you use and recommend?

I’m a Bad Boy Bad Girl….no other products can surpass it! I am however a fan of My Protein supplements to keep me on track with my fitness and figure.

What's next for Little Georgia G?
I would love to do more presenting or film extra work and I’m open to offers for either. I’m off to live in California for a month in November (spontaneous trip) and I hope to meet old friends and make some new. Apart from that I just want to continue doing what I do and hopefully do it well!

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